PRE-CONSULTATION - HeatherPearsonPhotography

the pre-consultation (what's that?)

A pre-consultation is where I come to you before the session takes place.  I love getting to know my clients ~ it's the key to planning your Custom Senior Experience!  We will sit down and go over every detail to assure you feel comfortable and prepared for your amazing experience.

the prep

what will we discuss?

* your personality, style, and interests

* your desired feel for the session

* clothing and accessories (have a ton of them out for us to go through!)

* using all of the above, we'll plan the perfect location to pull it all together

* prepping for the session so you feel your absolute best!

* confirm makeup and/or hair appointment time

* contract review

* product Q&A for anything you may be interested in, such as albums, amazing metal prints, etc.

why is a pre-consult important?

Because this is where your experience begins!  I don't want you to show up at the session with a pile of clothes and have no idea what to expect, leaving you nervous and insecure.  I want you to feel prepared and excited and ready to SHINE. We make this happen each and every time by taking time to meet with you in advance, to help you be informed and heard, molding the whole experience around who you are.  This is a new experience for most seniors, and I want you to feel comfortable in front of the camera.  To do so, you need to feel comfortable with me and trust that we have planned everything to assure the end result is the most amazing reflection of YOU.

I can't wait to sit down and plan your Custom Senior Experience!